The MSCA-COFUND project rePLANT ((Reconstruction Biology in Plant Sciences) Doctoral Training Programme) is an international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral programme that is advertising fourteen (14) four-year doctoral fellowships. Recruiting entities are CRAG (7 fellowships) and MPIPZ (7 fellowships). This programme is focused on:

  • Training in advanced research topics and technologies and training in non-research oriented transferable and transversal skills. rePLANT researchers will enjoy a common training programme in which all rePLANT researchers will have the opportunity to interact with researchers of the three institutions from inside and outside rePLANT.
  • Collaborative research projects and secondments. This programme will be implemented by collaborative research projects led by researchers at CRAG and MPIPZ in close collaboration with JIC´s researchers. The alignment, complementarity, and synergy of the research conducted at CRAG, JIC and MPIPZ is evidenced by the organisation of their activities into four similar Scientific Programmes (CRAG), Research Areas (JIC) or Scientific Departments (MPIPZ). rePLANT fellows will be strongly encouraged to have secondments abroad. Secondments abroad are considered an essential step for fellows to improve the quality of their training. In addition, the collaboration with Associated Partners and mentors will help them to build a strong international network.
  • International networking in both the academic and the industrial sectors. rePLANT has 27 Associated Partners interested in participating in the Programme through the collaboration in research projects, hosting of researchers in secondments, mentoring or training.

Open 2nd call!

4 positions at MPIPZ

Call opening date: 3rd July 2023

Application Deadline: 27th August 2023