26th June 2023

In total, 101 applications have been received to the 1st call of the rePLANT Programme. The evaluation process consisted of 3 stages:

  1. Administrative eligibility check: it was checked whether applicants fulfilled the eligibility rules and submitted all the requested documents. After this phase, 58 out of 101 applications were considered eligible.
  2. Assessment Process: a selection committee formed by external independent experts from recognized national and international organisations conducted a remote evaluation of the proposals. Each proposal was evaluated by three experts. After this phase, 30 candidates were invited for interview.
  3. Interviews: each interview panel, formed by 1 international external expert, 1 researcher representative from CRAG and 1 representative from MPIPZ with no conflict of interest in the call, conducted the interviews through Teams. In each interview, a representative from the CRAG’s Women in Science Committee participated as an observer. 27 candidates accepted to participate in the interviews.

Once the interviews were completed, the final score for each applicant was calculated based on the score of the Assessment Process (weight 60%) and the score of the Interview (weight 40%):