Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ)

The MPIPZ is one of 86 Max Planck Institutes (MPIs) and one of two MPIs fully dedicated to plant science research. The research programme is defined by four scientific departments and, in line with the mission of the Max Planck Society, conducts basic research on fundamental plant traits to transform plant breeding into a rational, predictive science.

MPIs have a highly collaborative character and departmental and independent research groups at the MPIPZ interact closely, demonstrated by the fact that two thirds of all research articles published in 2020 and 2021 were co-authored by more than one MPIPZ group. The Institute is further embedded into the Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences (CEPLAS), Germany’s only Excellence Cluster on plant sciences.

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John Innes Centre (JIC)

The John Innes Centre is based on the Norwich Research Park and is home to almost 500 researchers, of which 350 are staff, 100 postgraduate research students and 50 visiting scientists. JIC has five scientific departments plus numerous support services (for example, Communications and Engagement, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation) and technology platforms (for example, Bioimaging, Metabolomics, Entomology, Germplasm Resource Unit, Chemistry, Biophysics, Gentotyping, Crop Transformation, Horticulture, Informatics, Proteomics and Crystallography ). JIC also owns a 110 hectare experimental farm only 3km from the main campus, complete with a field station with molecular biology laboratory facilities.

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