Computational and synthetic biology

Group leader: Jae-Seong Yang

Research project:

Systematic study of transcription factors (TFs) of Chlamydomonas

In this project, we will use a small set of ORFeomes of Chlamydomonas transcription factors to characterize their basic functions and relationships. In order to make a fully-controlled cell factory, we need to know how transcription factors (TFs) regulate transcription in Chlamydomonas. The overexpression of TFs with phenotype assessment is one of the traditional ways to identify the roles of TFs. As a proof of concept of how we can use these TFomes, we will overexpress an individual TF and pairs of TFs and measure lipid accumulation, as this phenotype can be easily distinguished and it is an important trait for the biofuel industry. Furthermore, we would like to show the concept of systemically identifying the combinatory effects of TF overexpression.

Key publication

Yang J.S., Garriga-Canut M., Link N., Carolis C., Broadbent K., Beltran-Sastre V., Serrano L., Maurer S.P., rec-YnH enables simultaneous many-by-many detection of direct protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions,(2018) Nature Communications, 9(1):3747

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John Innes Centre (JIC)

Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ)

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