Meiosis in crops – Evolution of Meiosis

Group leader: Charles Underwood; André Marques

Research project:

Genetic and epigenetic control of meiotic recombination in plants

Meiotic recombination is a conserved pathway among eukaryotes and subject to tight regulation at several levels. Firstly, the number of meiotic crossover events is controlled by the expression level of pro-crossover factors like HEI10, and the activity of anti-crossover factors like RECQ4. Secondly, a combination of (epi)genetic and genome structure features are thought to influence the recombination landscape along chromosomes. Here we will use sophisticated bioinformatic and machine learning approaches to understand the critical control elements of meiotic gene expression and meiotic crossover location.

Key publication

Repeat-based holocentromeres influence genome architecture and karyotype evolution, Cell, 2022

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